A or B


Here’s what will happen:

You choose A. You’ve strived excellently over your peers. Graduated with Magna Cum Laude. You received an irresistible offer from a prestigious company. You climbed the corporate ladder all the way to the top. You’ve won the approvals from family and society. In the end, you realized your life is nothing but comparing yourself to other people. Your victory has no meaning because they are insignificant to compassion and love for others. Your victory only belongs to you. Alone. As you get closer to death - and you will die - you feel lonely. There are no more praises and recognitions because they don’t matter to other people except to your Self. You’re afraid of dying. Of losing your identity. And on the day of your death, you become “nothing”.

You choose B. At first, friends and society dejects your doings. There are no approvals nor praises. Finally, your parents realize - sometimes - what you are doing and they support your cause. You keep living your dream. You understand dream is something that cannot be chased or thought out. Rather, to “DO” and discover them yourself. Once you’ve helped enough people, they start to care about you. If you’ve registered a lot, they may even become your “true followers”, or better, “disciples”. They want to learn from you. And you being the compassionate and loving one, you teach them everything you know. Society gradually begins to approve your doing, but it doesn’t matter. Your aim is to help others, not approvals. As you approach your death, you understand that it is part of the natural process. And it is inevitable. People who fear death by pursuing wealth on the bet that they could buy their time later are only “delaying the inevitable”. Throughout your life, all you did was to help others. By doing so, you’ve conditioned yourself to acknowledge a selfless identity. On the day of your death, you know this identity is irrelevant.

Life flows like a circle. We came to this world with nothing. And in the end, we will be nothing. What remains of our achievements will be memories...and soon...forgotten.