Chasing Performance


"Whatever we are driven to win can never lead to true victory, because anyone who is driven to do anything is being whipped along by forces outside of himself. This is the definition of a slave, not a conqueror." - Anonymous

Too many of us chase performance too often. We want to be the top of our class. We want to win when we participate in a race. We want to be the top player in the games that we play. The list goes on ... you get the idea. At the end of the day, it just doesn't matter. Ten, twenty or thirty years from now none of these will matter. There will always be another winner on stage. Another person who achieved his or her victory. What matters is whether we enjoyed the process of achieving our victory. If we enjoyed it, victory is our bonus. We've already won before the game even started. But, if we only chase performance, the process becomes debilitating. Our focus is external, instead of internal. Our mind and body becomes a slave to things outside. Some understand this at an early age. Those who do have a chance to become free. Others never even want to dip their toes into the water. They remain a slave for the rest of their lives and wonder why their lives are miserable. True cost of freedom comes from within ourselves.