Since I was a child always liked to dream. Dreaming was a way for letting my mind fly to wonderland. Dreams during childhood are dreams at its infancy. It needs to be experimented, failed and polished repeatedly before it will come true. Now, I don't have the same dreams as my childhood. Dreaming of becoming a self-made millionaire, owning properties across different countries, not having to work after 50 years of age, becoming an Ironman, taking my wife on a road trip across the US, and of course having a child of my own are some of the dreams I have now. They are so-called my "Bucket List". I had an argument about my dreams with my mom the other day. Of course, being my mother, she told me exactly the opposite of what I wanted to hear. She was very persistent and insisted that her advice be taken. Then I told her that "you should encourage your son to pursue his dreams, not discourage them". After that she stopped talking.

I'm seeing a pattern of how parents are unwilling to support what a child wants. Parents think that it's not important. The important things are what parents think are important. Of course, growing up in an Asian family, this is pretty much how I was raised. What's causing this pandemic? The answer is RISK. In a world that is so vast but very little opportunity exist, it is obvious that parents are unwilling to take risks. Seeking answers from others carries less risk compared to seeking your life's purpose from within. When its time for a child to scout for a career, many will seek "the most wanted job" or "the highest paying job". It is normal considering we are all normal. But can one become an outlier? Someone who is different than others? Of course! But you will not "look normal" in front of others. Having a stable job in an office looks normal. Owning a painting studio inside a guestroom or researching animals in the Amazon does not look normal for some. I could reinstate my Optometry license, put back my white coat and go back to practicing to look normal. But that will not be in line with what I am dreaming. I am in the process of becoming an outlier, living my passion, doing what I was born for, and pursuing my dreams.

Ultimately, we must take risks everyday. Waking up has risk of getting a heart attack. Crossing the street has risk of getting hit by a car. Riding a bicycle has risk of getting into an accident. Risks are everywhere. The question is "How much risk are you willing to take?" At the end of the day, parents must experience their dreams firsthand before a child can experience theirs. Parents that never saw their dreams come true will not take the risk of letting their child pursue their dreams.