Life is a gift.

None of us have earned it nor deserved it. None of us are grateful to be alive.

We are not grateful to be given the opportunity to grow, to love, to experience the world, to enjoy the beauty of life.

To the contrary, we relentlessly complain.

If you listen to people’s complaints, they are constantly asking for more, because human beings have become accustomed to chasing frivolous desires.

“This is not enough,” they said. In fact, it will never be enough. For nothing satisfies the one who is not satisfied with a little.

The poor are asking, the rich are asking, even the world leaders are asking. Everybody is asking for more!

This is the reason their thirst will never be quenched.

Some may have everything. But they do not have peace. They are constantly accumulating. Their brains are continuously chattering. They have no sense of the good life. Because living the good life requires a life of equanimity.

The one who lives the good life would be content and complete in each and every moment; who neither desires nor loathes.

One is in a class by itself.

One has no equal; above the meager state of societal human.

And thus, beyond competition.

The human who resorts to competing is the one who gravitates mediocrity. Because he and his competitors are of similar skill — they must fight for scraps.

There is nothing wrong to be involved in lofty pursuits, as long as his contentedness and completeness would always follow.

Then he would have abandoned the ceaseless chase.

And the human who no longer feels the need to chase, life begins to chase him.