People have the wrong idea, or no idea at all about meditation.

Meditation is not Kundalini. That would be yoga - a form of exercise.

Meditation is not chanting words and phrases, hand gestures, nor changing body positions. That would be a ritual.

Meditation is not a connection to the divine. That would be praying. Honestly, spirituality begins with the realization that conceptions of the divine are largely differences in imagination.

Meditation is not a group of people gathering together under the leadership of a priest, monk, pastor, sage, shaman, what have you. That would be a cult.

Meditation is not the method of gaining super power. That would be a delusion.

And don’t think it is “Jhana” or “Samadhi” because someone purposely conceived the term to make himself famous.

To the contrary, meditation is a spiritual quest. It is a journey to illuminate your perception to any matter - living and non-living forms - around you. Meditation is a disengagement process from desire, fear, attachment, feeling, reaction. It is also the connection to your deeper and higher level of consciousness.

On a superficial level:

Meditation brings happiness - until you actually wake-up and open your eyes, and realize you have so many shit to deal with. Remember: nothing is permanent.

Meditation gives you peace of mind - that is, assuming nobody and nothing agitates and pisses you off ever again because suffering is inevitable.

Meditation offers tranquility but you need to be very attentive. Otherwise, your monkey mind will re-emerge itself again and again. Don’t attempt to control what you can’t.

It is not surprising that most people remain at this level. They are like rabbits crouching under a hedge to escape a predator. And if they’re content with this, they won’t be able to go far in the work of transforming the depths of their consciousness.

On a profound level:

Meditation increases self-awareness. First, you need to be aware of yourself before those around you. Then you can begin identifying the opportunities given by nature.

Meditation clarifies your mental thoughts so you can discharge your duties faithfully and compassionately.

Meditation sharpens concentration. You need focus to do your work, so absorb what is needed, and omit what is not.

Meditation teaches equanimity. A neutral state of mind - neither elated nor depressed - which derives peace from total acceptance. 

With equanimity, meditation offers the gift of wisdom - when you’re ready to receive it.

Above all, meditation provides the insight into the nature of life as the way they are, not as the way you are.

The most important thing is to observe, without thinking, without judgement, prejudice nor condemnation.

You don’t need to be a hermit and seclude yourself for months and months. You can meditate while sitting on a bus, walking your dog, taking a shower, eating lunch, gazing the sky.

Finally, do not expect anything. People spend decades chasing and received nothing because their desire for an answer mislead them to understanding the actual problem.

In the end, life is a constant inner battle. The conflict between your mind and the demon in which itself creates.

To be truly free, one must discipline and cultivate one’s own mind, and attain a completely different level of psychological evolution.

This is life. And this is meditation.

Don’t forget: meditation begins after your practice. The practice is useful when you are able to apply what you have learned into reality and daily life.

But don’t take my word for it. You have to experience it by yourself. Once you do, you’ll live a different life.