Now or Never


When my wife told me that she's quitting her job, I suddenly remembered my old friend MT. He had a 'note to self' that read: "Turn ideas into motion before ideas rust."

When I saw it a few years ago, I decided on the motto, "Do it NOW because you're not going to live forever." I realized that nothing lasts, and sooner or later, shit would start to fall apart. I didn't want to look back and wish I'd done something I had thought of but lacked the courage or will to try.

Well, at a certain age if you haven't done it you are not going to do it. You will settle for less. Because you have to. The path of opportunity narrows as capability wanes. Now I don't regret the things I've done in the past. They served me well as my self education and motivation. What I wish is that I learned how to communicate with myself on why I did them at the time of the doing, even the ones that I didn't think was the most important aspect of finding my life's purpose.

Ten years ago, I was at the bottom pit of life. I struggled and lost many times. But somehow found the courage to break out of my thick little bubble. Change was every bit as hard. I kept going. Because I truly believe, more often than not, we are talked out of being who we truly are and never do what we want or could. How can we possibly be happy and fulfilled if we do only what others have convinced us we should be doing? Sadly, I never learned to do it soon enough. Whether I did it sooner or later, the growth fostered by overcoming the challenges I impose on myself is what matters and remains.

That said, when I discovered my life's calling, I cut out the middleman. The man-made mountains that detracts me from doing my true duties. The boss with a hidden agenda and disappointing but difficult little peaks in the great ranges called Drama and Politics.

Now, children are my friends. Whose minds can be taught and filled with sage words, knowledge, and none of the bullshit stuff adults have. There are no more boundaries between me and the children. I help them excel and find their passion. I inspire them. I feel blessed to be surrounded by them. There is nothing more I could ask for.

Looking back from the hilltop of such growth, the worst question we could ask ourselves is, "What if?" The saddest words we could speak are, "If only ..." The truth is, if we can think it and we're ruthlessly honest then we can probably do it. So seize whatever opportunity comes through because there will be nothing worse than knowing something could have been done but didn't, that now we can't and we're still alive to wish we had.

And that circles back to my motto, "Do it NOW because you're not going to live forever."