On Life


Life is like a train journey.

Complete with stations that we passed, experiences, accidents and changes that happened.

At birth, we take the train and meet with our parents, then we are sure that they will forever be with us. But they will depart at a station and leave us for the next trip.

In a similar way, we will meet others in our train, they could be passengers that mean something in our lives. Our spouse, childrens, grandchildrens, relatives and friends.

One by one, those passengers will depart and leave. Some leave without letting us know. When we finally come back to the sense of reality, all the seats have emptied.

Travelling on a train is full of happiness, joy, sorrow, imagination, hope, and also colored with beautiful experiences. Our success lies in how well we are in building relationships with all the passengers.

The biggest mystery for each passenger is which station they will depart at. Therefore, always be the passenger who loves, forgives and gives their best to other passengers.

When its time for us to depart and leave our seats, we will leave our beautiful memories for those who will continue their journey.

I am grateful to you, because you have become one of the passengers in the train of my life. Thank you.