On Success


We all want to be successful, especially towards our children. But what is success? A billionaire, millionaire CEO, olympic athlete, doctor, lawyer, or a mere teacher? One person's success is another person's failure. Indeed, success is a subjective matter. Surely by itself, success will not bring contentment. A simple question would justify whether or not we are successful: "If you have all the time and money in the world, would you still be doing what you are doing?" Answer "yes", then you are successful. But a "no" means that you have a lot of homework to do!

Too often, I see parents put heavy course load on their children to be sure that they can be the best. "Three" not one English classes, two math classes, multiple sports, music, art, and everything else possible. So I ask myself, when do these children have time to think? About their passion, hobby, how to socialize or have fun? Probably never! Last year I wrote "Finding Passion" which tells about my experience growing up under the same circumstance, that if we keep overloading our children with factual information, they will never touch their passion. Thus, when it is time to find a vocation they will only follow the crowd. Just know that schooling is different from education. Schooling gets you a degree, and a degree gets you a job. Education is what we need to pursue what we want in this lifetime. So instead of teaching our children everything, focus on their aptitude and make them stand out from others.

Humans are social person. We follow others very easily. The hardest thing is to go the opposite of where the crowd is heading. Doing so requires understanding of oneself. If we know ourselves, we know what we want, what we are capable of, where are we going, and what to do next. Which one are you? If you follow the crowd, you will only be like the crowd.

Ultimately, we are all in a way successful. We're born healthy, we are successful. We started to walk, finished school, found a job, got married and started a new family are all forms of our success. If we found our passion, we are successful. No matter what others think of your situation, ask yourself the same question again, "If you have all the time and money in the world, would you still be doing what you are doing?" And that should be sufficient enough to find what is success for us and teach it to our children. If we do not know our own success, how can we be our children's role model for success?