Prisoner’s Dilemma

I asked a student to write an interesting journal entry about his recent trip. He told me that it is difficult. And I asked, “Why do you think so?”

“Because I don’t think my trip was interesting,” he replied.

Out of curiosity I asked, “How is that possible?”

“Because life is not interesting,” he said with a sad look. “Books have interesting stories, but they are not real. Real life stories are not interesting. The truth is boring.”


“Well, it’s because you do not know how to make it interesting. Let me show you,” as I doodled and explained my chart (see above). “We can’t change the beginning nor the end. What we can change is the middle. For many people, the usual choice would be life A. You go to school, spend half of your life, and start working afterwards. You keep working until you reach sixty or so, and then retire. But did you know there is another path? That is, a life B? When you choose this path, you have authority over your life. You can design your life to be as beautiful and interesting as you’d like. So if you have a choice, which path would you choose?”

“I would choose life B,” he unconfidently said. “But I think my mom wants me to go for life A.”

And I asked, “How do you know that?”

“Because she wants me to go to school and then work after that. So I’m sure she has already decided life A for me.”

I hugged him as tears dripped out of my eyes.


Education starts at home right?

Why do most people choose life A instead of B?

The answer is: FEAR.

Kids are learning machines. They are intelligent, creative, and full of possibilities. Unfortunately, our fearfulness prevents this process of transformation.

Life is about choices.

We can choose a life of dullness and conformity, or a different life so we can be alive. Take your pick!