There is an old quote by Jack Ma. It was before Alibaba became very popular. He said, "I was happy with a million dollars. With ten million, I have so much headache."

I often get questions like:

 "What is your business plan?" 

 "Do you want to make more money?"

 "Don't you want to grow your business?" 

And my answer is and will always be: "I don't have one. No. And HELL NO!" I mean seriously, these are typical fallacies that mindless people think about.

I don't see a purpose in having a business plan. It doesn't make me a better educator.

I don't see a purpose in making more money. I don't need much and I won't let currency cloud my judgement that there is nothing more important than this moment.

I don't see a purpose in growing my business. I stay small. Going big just makes everything more complicated. I like simplification.

Ultimately, every business should have a purpose. My business is to educate. I educate those who want to be. I don't desperately knock on doors and offer my services.

I value trust. And over time people notice my reputation and it becomes a game changer.

I don't work solely for the money. Yes, I need to make a living to fulfill my family's well-being.

I use the excess proceeds to explore this tiny planet and simply give back. Like this repository and the book that I'm working on.

It is my wish that everyone learns something valuable. Because my purpose is to educate and help others achieve.