Seasons change. Trends change. And people change too.


It is the time to evolve. A time of transformation. To develop a new set of culture.


I turned thirty-five today. I'm enjoying my freedom. I'm happier, worthier, smarter, healthier, wealthier, more lovable, and a little wiser - I hope.


Over the years, I've managed to give a little something to myself: knowledge, skill, experience, love, wisdom.


I enjoy sharing as much as giving. 


Freedom from work 


Everyone is capable of doing hard work, but not everyone knows how to work smart. So from now on work smarter, not harder.


What are you good at? Find it. Because it will change your life.


People need your help. Your expertise. Your skills. The convergence between your talent and what others need from you is important if you want to make a living in the future.


Losers compete. Winners define their own category. Define yours and position yourself in the least crowded channel.


You're welcome.


Freedom from government 


A US passport is not the gold standard anymore. It's yesterday.


Think big and long-term.


Be a global citizen. Have multiple passports.


Plant your roots in multiple countries. Do business with many governments.


It's the key to freedom and opportunity.


Freedom from money 


What do you value more than money? Write them down.


For me,








What's yours?


Freedom from conformity 


I love opposites. They attract. So I do exactly what other people do not.


I fast from technology and socializing.


Take a month off from social media; wait for a day before you reply a message; say “no” to your friends; travel alone; do things by yourself; go live in the mountain, cook, sleep, and be with no one but your self and mind.


Freedom from condition 


I made a list. I did them. Now it’s your turn.


- Start giving and sharing.


- Trim down your responsibilities.


- Let go of your attachments and desires.


Each is more difficult to do than the last. 


Good luck! 


Freedom from consumerism 


I minimize. I take pleasure in simple things.


Freedom has its cost. 


Freedom from thoughts 


Meditation. It is the end of thoughts.


What is my symphony? 


To be worthy, not respectable.


To study hard and think wisely, instead of doing work that is drudgery.


To be a world citizen, rather than confined to a single government.


To value love, health, and time.


To be wealthy, not rich.


To seek elegance rather than luxury; refinement rather than fashion.


To possess self-knowledge.


To live content with small means.


To be aware and be mindful of my surroundings.


And to be free of thoughts.


That is my symphony.