The Never Ending Life's Lessons


Being born taught me life is temporal. I'm just passing by. How I live my life is what matters.

Schooling taught me the endless possibilities of learning irrelevant things. The competition, validation, and comprehension test is nothing but a game.

Living taught me to realize I'm not self-made. So I must love and help others. Only to return the favor because others have helped me along the way.

Mistakes taught me failure is inevitable. They're the price of admission to success. And often, an excuse to NOT get back up.

Marriage taught me to realize my weaknesses. To share a life with someone I love and understand that life is not just about ME.

Finding my passion taught me life is a bliss. It awakens me. And to be awake is to be alive.

Quitting the corporate world to do something I love taught me to take risks. To walk alone. No matter how difficult.

Water fasting for five days taught me to tame my cravings. Indulgence of any kind is a bad habit.

Deadlifting for ten reps at 180kg AFTER five days of water fast taught me "The Mind is Primary." Nothing can stop you as long as you put your mind into it. Indeed, the human body is an exceptional piece of machine.

Ironman taught me durability. "Anything is Possible" if you put the time. And with a little luck on my side, eventually I'll go to Kona.

Wisdom taught me that knowledge is bullshit if you do nothing. You're only knowledgeable but not wise.

What will ten days of meditation while water fasting teach me? Well, I'll have to fly to Thailand, meet my masters, and sit still six hours a day for ten days without food before I can tell you.