The Quiet Child

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” — Blaise Pascal

There was once a very quiet boy. Because of his quietness, people thought he lacked confidence. And that made his parents feel uncomfortable.

One day, his teacher asked, “Why are you so shy my child?”

“Shy?” he replied. “I’m not shy at all.”

“But you hardly say anything,” said the teacher. “Why don’t you come out of your shell, we won’t bite you.”

“I’m not quiet because of fear,” said the boy. “I’m quiet because this is my natural state. It is those who insist on a lot of chatter who are truly afraid. They’re afraid of silence. They’re afraid of being their true self. They’re afraid of rejection. I fear those things as well, but I choose to conquer them through silence.”

I, too, was that child.

Many parents feel afraid when their child is silent. Because parents equate silence with insignificance. Parents want their offspring to be heard and seen by others. To be relevant and somebody important, perhaps.

But in that quest to be noticed and thought well of by others, the child often gets withdrawn from his or her inner voice.

I, too, had that same experience.

I was unconsciously being led outwardly. All the way through adulthood.

Until one day, I made a startling realization.

The peace I sought after was not out there somewhere. Everything that I truly needed was already within me. There is no purpose searching for something I already had.

In fact, this is true for everybody else, too.

The real voyage is done inwardly. It is a journey into self-actualization. It is in the here and now, in this moment, within. What you need is a pillow and floor to sit on and the courage to confront yourself. Then you can be the inner light to guide yourself out of the darkness.

What seems prevalent through the ages is to seek outwardly for a successful personality and duplicate it. By doing so, you have made the head a marketplace - so much clamoring, so much unnecessary chatter.

While all that is needed is the art of making the mind a little silent, a little less noisy, a little more peaceful, relaxed.

And listen to your voice of contentment and realize that you are already everything you need to be.

By seeing what is taking place in your life, by observing very closely, then you will discover for who you truly are, the very root of your being, which is “to be your true self.”

No one else can become aware of this except you. Your parents, your teachers, and others can’t show you, because this treasure only belongs to you. Your path is only yours to walk.

Go on, seek it, and you shall find. Life is significant only then, never before. Life is life only then, never before.

The treasure you seek lies within.