The World As It Is

I have a problem. Children are being spoiled too much. Why would you give a pair of Jimmy Choo high heels to a 10-year-old? Why would you fly your kids First class before they even understand the value of money? Why harm your children’s character by pampering and giving them oversolicitous attention?

I asked my wife (Sandra) the same thing: “Why are people doing this? Are they aware that other human beings around the world are suffering? If so, what have they done to help besides pampering themselves and their children?”

Probably less than they should. Maybe nothing. I don’t know. I really don’t.

Why am I talking about this? We have to remember that our parents and grandparents competed against 3 billion people. They’ve endured enough hardship at the expense of bestowing us with more fortunate lives.

Today, there are more than 7 billion people we have to compete with, and that number will increase to 12 billion by the time our children become adults and have families of their own.

You have to be a "bad ass motherfucker” to be able to compete against 12 billion people. And believe me, owning a long list of living requirements does not help our children compete with the other 11,999,... billion people.

Many of our troubles arise because of our ignorant state of mind. I’ve travelled to poor countries, lived with nothing more than the bare necessities, and I came to the startling realization that the simpler life becomes, the happier I am.

Life is cheap. Lifestyle is expensive.

That is not to say you should teach your children to be cheap and constantly penny-pinching. Instead, we should teach children to understand what happiness is so that they learn the value and purpose of things, not the price of things.

Sometimes, it's not about how much money you have. It's about how you view the Universe and how you manage your mental world.

The majority of people are only here to gain, but they have no idea of debt. They need to repay their debts for sure.

In the United States there is a massive student loan debt crisis. Worse, the government backs up the loan and has made student loan debt the only debt you can’t escape without confiscation. In other words, even if you declare bankruptcy, you’d still be responsible for the loan the rest of your life.

An 18-year-old can get $200,000 in student loans, but can’t sip a beer. Then they are trapped for life. Unable to get rid of the debt while university Presidents pay themselves millions in salary.

What if we start putting university Presidents in jail for charging $200,000 for a poetry degree then...[fill in the blank].

We’re turning kids into spoiled little brats on one side, and we’re graduating a generation of children that have more debt than any generation before them on the other. And we could only guess if the outcome is good or bad.

The world is nourished by many people. Some are full of happiness and fulfillment. Others are fueled by greed and corruption. Some have meaningful lives. While others are struggling with their lives. Some are humble, and others are envious and jealous of their neighbors.

Perhaps, this problem of mine is not so much needs to be solved, but rather to be understood fully.

After all, without sorrow, there can be no happiness.

Without pain, there can be no pleasure.

Without ignorance, there can be no awareness.

It is so, has always been so, and can only be so.

So it is!