Everyone is unique. Different. Remember that.

So please love yourself, respect yourself.

Listen to your heart, listen to its voice, and follow it.

A human being isn’t just a pile of cells, tissues, and organs on top of one another; it has purpose and meaning. Each of us are created to perform a specific task.

There is nothing more glorious following your own voice than following somebody else’s. Conformity only proves you’re nothing more than a blind follower.

It’s hard. I know. And when you do change and become someone who is different than everybody else, they’ll think you’re an outcast. They’ll hate you. They’ll be envious of you.

Don’t mind them. They shouldn’t be jealous.

Some will even say, “you’re lucky.”

Ignore these people too. They shouldn’t have allowed their brains to think you are lucky. You see, intellectually they must have a reason for your success.

Never think someone is “lucky.” Luck is created by the prepared.