Where's the Fire?


Last week, I ordered a Christmas present from England, and it turned out that I had to pay excess taxes. So I went all the way to Hongqiao Airport yesterday. As I was waiting in line to copy my passport, a gentlemen suddenly shouted that I should wait in line. At first, I didn't realize that he was ahead of me, since he was tucked in the corner, talking on his phone. My first impression was just to say "sorry". But he kept shouting that "It is not your turn!" So all I said was "Take it easy. Be patient!" Sometimes I'm amazed by people who think that life is a race. Maybe its their nature, but when someone despises me, that's their problem. I ask myself what good or harm would come of it. I feel sympathy rather than outrage or anger. That he is truly suffering, so much that he feeds off his emotion. In which case, he's misguided and deserves my compassion.